Traditional Peruvian Food

The Traditional Peruvian Food

The Peruvian Gastronomy is noted for being one of the best in the world, this is due to the fusion of flavors of the Iberian, African and recently the Asian and the great diversity of natural ingredients, winning hundreds of international awards and a great recognition worldwide, which makes Peruvians feel proud to have the best dishes in the world. So this time we will talk about theTraditional Peruvian Food that are the symbolic dishes of Peruvian Cuisine.

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The Peruvian Cuisine is made up of dishes and drinks from the three regions of Peru, we are talking about the Coast, Sierra and Peruvian Jungle, it offers us a great variety of natural ingredients, since the country has a very extensive flora and fauna, some of These are easy to make while others need more time to make them.

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For the large extensive portfolio of dishes, Peruvian cuisine has been classified by areas such as: Typical dishes for the 24 departments of Peru, Typical dishes of the North, South, East, Creole, Marine, Andean, Lima, Cuzco , Arequipa, Puno, Tumbes, etc., each zone has a different style of preparation, but all of them have the Peruvian touch, that is to say, the rich flavor that characterizes the Peruvian Food.

And the key question is: What are the Traditional Peruvian Food and how can I recognize it? Well, here I am going to leave you the names of the 10 most famous dishes of Peru, with previous images or photos so that they can recognize it. Most typical dishes have potatoes (Potatoes), for example: La Causa Rellena is made from potatoes with a filling of tuna, avocado and vegetables.

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List of the 10 best Traditional Peruvian Food

  • Peruvian Fish Ceviche

The Ceviche de Pescado is considered as the signature dish, badge, symbol, heritage and national pride of the Peruvian Cuisine. This marine dish is one of the typical dishes of the Peruvian sea and especially of the Peruvian Pacific Coast, usually the ceviche is prepared in the district of Lima where we can find many more varieties of the dish, with new ingredients and presentations, although other departments of Peru have also prepared additional versions of their style.

The Ceviche is the main dish of the Traditional Peruvian Food, being a fusion of Asian preparation with Peruvian ingredients, since it contains raw fish, onion, sweet potato, mote, lemon chili, seaweed, lemon, mountain range, etc. It is a great combination of marine and Andean ingredients, its preparation takes no more than 20 minutes, when a person talks about Peru we automatically associate it with Ceviche and Machu Picchu, well that usually happens because they are its two main assets.

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  • Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado is one of the typical and traditional dishes of the Creole cuisine of Peru, it is an ideal Creole dish for lovers of meat with a fusion of Afro-Peruvian flavors, its origin goes back to the end of the 19th century, which was known as Lomito of Vaca, Lomito Saltado or Lomito a la Chorrillana. The preparation of the dish is made in a large pan that is an oriental technique, where all the ingredients are added: meat, onion, tomato, yellow pepper, vegetables, pepper, cumin, soy sauce and / or sillao, when serving It is accompanied with chips and rice.

Being a famous dish and recognized internationally as one of the Traditional Peruvian Food, the different departments of Peru were creating new representations of the original salted tenderloin, some have additional ingredients, others instead of meat they have chicken, shrimp, chicken, etc. The flavors and ingredients vary, but all have that Peruvian touch.

Receta de Lomo Saltado de Carne Pollo

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  • Ají de Gallina

Ají de Gallina is one of the Traditional Peruvian Food that has a great reputation for being the dish with the best flavor, it is ideal for people who love Creole Food, for the preparation of the cream is used yellow pepper, bread , cheese, milk, pecans (walnut) and frayed chicken breast. Some people, instead of using bread, can use soda crackers, and instead of chicken they can use chicken breast, it should be noted that the chicken has always had a reputation of being tasty, but it is everyone’s taste.

The cream is accompanied with boiled potatoes, boiled egg, olives and a portion of rice. This dish is considered in the group of Creole food recipes, although they are prepared in almost all regions and departments of Peru, each one in its own style, for my part I could say that this is one of the best images of Platicos del Perú its beautiful appearance and delicious taste.

Receta de Ají de Gallina

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  • Huancaina’s style potato

The Papa a la Huancaina is one of the Traditional Peruvian Food, very popular in the Peruvian coast and highlands, especially that it is one of the dishes recognized worldwide by the Peruvian Gastronomy, this entry has a history regarding its origin that was in the city of Huancayo department of Junín.

Papa a la Huancaina is a cream based on yellow pepper, biscuit, cheese and milk, served with parboiled potato, egg, olives and lettuce leaves, and in Peru it is often accompanied in foods such as Ceviche , Rice with Chicken and Red Noodles.

Receta de Papa a la Huancaina

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  • Rocoto Stuffed 

Rocoto Relleno is one of the Traditional Peruvian Food, it is considered one of the richest Creole dishes, it originates in the city of Arequipa which is one of the most beautiful cities with beautiful landscapes and rich stews. Considered as Arequipeño heritage and main dish in its Gastronomy, it has a very striking appearance since the rocoto is shown filled with a dressing, which is a hot pepper similar to an apple that is only produced in Peru.

This dish is made from rocoto whole stuffed with a Creole seasoning based on vegetables and Peruvian Creole seasoning, which is cooked in the oven, accompanied with a slice of cheese and boiled potatoes and has a sweet and slightly spicy flavor.

Receta del Rocoto Relleno

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  • Stuffed Cause

The Stuffed Cause is part of the Traditional Peruvian Food, it is one of the oldest recipes of the Peruvian Gastronomy since long before the XVI century, formerly it was elaborated only with yellow potato achieving a very soft dough, as the years passed the recipe was modified and as a result the cause we know today.

La Stuffed Cause is one of the typical dishes with potatoes or with a base of pressed white and yellow potatoes, frayed chicken breast, vegetables and mayonnaise. They can be elaborated in a thousand ways and include more ingredients but the original recipe is the one that continues captivating with its creativity and flavor. It is one of the dishes or meals in Lima that are most demanded by its attractive appearance and delicious taste.

Receta de Causa Rellena de Pollo

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  • Grilled chicken

Grilled Chicken is considered as the flag dish of Peruvian Cuisine and Culinary Specialty of Peru it is impossible for a Peruvian not to identify with this dish, what is fascinating about this dish is the exquisite taste that gives the chicken seasoning and cooking burned to carbon, being one of the most consumed dishes at night.

Considered one of the Traditional Peruvian Food, this dish is usually consumed mostly at night in the famous Pollerias, which are local food exclusively from «Grilled Chicken», although we can find some additional dishes, an important fact is that every year on July 16 is celebrated the National Day of Grilled Chicken, which is the most important day of this Peruvian dish, being a great occasion to share with the family.

platos Típicos del Perú Receta del pollo a la brasa

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  • Cuy Chacted

Cuy Chacted is one of the Traditional Peruvian Food, originates in the city of Arequipa, the curious thing about this dish is that it is made with the Cuy that is a small rodent that has previous care before consuming it, since many years was part of the diet of our ancestors and the tradition remained in the Andean population, its popularity has managed to prepare in different parts of Peru and even outside.

For some foreigners it seems very curious since this little friend is considered a pet, but in Peru it is part of his Gastronomy, his exquisite flavor will conquer your palate and you will repeat.

Receta de Cuy Chactado

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  • Rice with Peruvian Chicken

Rice with chicken is considered one of the Traditional Peruvian Food, although the original recipe is from Spain and Latin America, the adaptation to the Peruvian style changed the flavor and presentation of the dish, offering a much more exquisite flavor. The dish is prepared with cooked rice, chicken, spinach and ground coriander, vegetables and spices.

The origin of the dish derives from the preparation of Arroz con Pato, in the year 1900 there was a shortage of duck, which the population began to raise chicken and used in almost all Peruvian recipes, ie rice with chicken comes from the preparation of Rice with Duck.

Receta de Arroz con Pato

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  • Olluquito with Charqui

The Olluquito with Charqui is part of the Traditional Peruvian Food is the oldest recipe in Peru, was born 1,800 years ago AC was prepared by the ancient Incas as the years went by the recipe has been modified and adding new ingredients which is currently known, is also very elaborate in the Andean areas for its easy acquisition of ingredients and its gastronomic custom.

The dish is elaborated with Ollucos, Charqui and Andean dressing, in the Andean areas they elaborate it in a clay pot that offers a better taste to the food, although you can cook a normal steel pot. The charqui is a stuffed meat can be llama, alpaca or beef, this is the main ingredient that offers that exquisite flavor and is within the nutritious dishes of Peru thanks to its Andean ingredients.

plato tipico del peru Receta del olluquito con charqui

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Finish conclusion about the Traditional Peruvian Food

Definitely Peruvian cuisine and its cuisine is one of the richest you can find, if you travel to Peru or find a Peruvian restaurant nearby give yourself the opportunity to try these delicious dishes. I know that the list has fallen short because there are still many more dishes, if you want to discover all the Traditional Peruvian Food you can continue browsing our website, but in this case this list has been made with the most famous and known.

If you want to continue knowing more about Peruvian Gastronomy you can enter the Peruvian Food website and you can discover many more recipes that you can prepare at home.

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